Bananas is one of Perth's funniest Clowns

Bananas The Clown is considered the funniest Perth clown by many!

With over 25 years of clowning around, Bananas The Clown has Perth audiences in stitches.

Bananas The Clown is available for clown hire in Perth, Western Australia for fetes, fairs, kids entertainment, corporate events etc.

What can you expect to receive in a 35-45 minute Perth clown show:

  • lots of juggling funny things
  • magic
  • 3ft high hand
  • 3ft high string puppets
  • funny skits
  • balloon modelling demonstration
  • jokes
  • amplifier for crowds of 200 plus
  • clowning around
  • guaranteed funny!

What do you get from a Roaming Clown Performance Perth:

  • Bananas walks around any given area with 3ft high puppet
  • bubble machine
  • magic wish hammer
  • funny noises
  • juggling
  • talking/joking with people
  • creates atmosphere at any occasion!

Birthday party clown show:

  • first Bananas The Clown will do a 45 min show including juggling (lots of funny things)
  • a string puppet and hand puppet 3ft high
  • magic
  • story telling skit
  • animal balloons for all the children
  • then I ask the mother if she would like to bring out the cake to sing happy birthday so I am there for an hour
  • the main thing is I am funny!

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